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Navisso.comNavisso is a radically different, yet still simple search engine that tackles the search process in a completely different way than most other query tools out there. Instead of relying on external search feeds, Navisso produces results that are ranked only by relevancy.

Navisso claims this will help reduce the amount of spam and, since there are no sponsored results that are given priority nor do official sites necessarily show up first, your results list will look very different than it might on other run-of-the-mill search engines. Navisso’s philosophy is that sponsored results and search feeds manipulate search results in a way that is detrimental to the search experience, at least in terms of ease of finding relevant results quickly. Navisso’s search bot, the Navissobot, spiders the web and hunts links down from one page to another. You use Navisso pretty much as you would any other search engine; type in a term or multiple terms and click search. Additionally, you can specify and save search preferences for Navisso, and add its search box to your site. In Their Own Words

“Navisso is an independent web search engine that (unlike many other popular search engines) does not rely on external search feeds. Our focus is to build a reliable, content-driven searchable index while reducing spam and other undesirable pages within our results”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Navisso is really different from other search engines in a way that might be appealing to those who are sick of results pages polluted by sponsored results and backlinked pages. If you can get used to the novelty of the system, Navisso might be a good choice for your searches.

Some Questions About

I’m not sure how well some users who are accustom to traditional search engines like Yahoo and Google will take to Navisso; Navisso says it doesn’t prioritize official results (for example, if you search for “Wikipedia”, Wikipedia may not necessarily be the first result produced (they figure if you want Wikipedia, you’ll go directly to their website; making searching for it moot).

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