– Photo Sharing for the iPhone Crowd

Natuba.comiPhone users now have an exclusive site to share their iPhone photos. It’s called Natuba.

Natuba, headed by Richard Yoo of Rackspace, focuses on mobile uploading (it actually works with any phone capable of email). Users add their snapshots to the site simply by sending them to a specific email address. Photos can be captioned and titled and all are displayed in the public stream. Photos may also be rated and commented on. The homepage displays most viewed and recently discussed pictures, you can also choose to view photos randomly using the Surprise Me button. The Activity section shows you what’s going on Natuba, i.e. new comments and new photos uploaded. There’s a Facebook app and Twitter integration too. In Their Own Words

“Natuba is the original iPhone photo sharing site.™
It’s the easiest way to put your iPhone photos on the web for your friends to see and discuss.™
After getting iPhones, we began taking photos on the go and soon realized we needed an easy way to share them with our friends. Although there were plenty of photo sharing sites on the web, none of these sites were designed specifically for iPhone users. So we created Natuba, a site for uploading, sharing and viewing photos from your iPhone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Natuba is a quite complete photo sharing site. iPhone users will dig it, given its specific focus. It’s got a simple yet cool design and it’s filled with features. The interface is easy to navigate. The blog integration is also a nice touch.

Some Questions About

Natuba is hardly a first in the field, will it be able to attract a critical mass? Some of its features aren’t so apparent on first look, will they highlight them so as to draw in users?