– Feedback Widget For Your Site Visitors

NAT1ON.comNAT1ON is an interactive widgets which allows visitors to your website to comment on your content and chat amongst themselves about your page. When you sign up at NAT1ON.

com, you’ll receive a “Citizen ID” that will serve as your log-in for all NAT1ON services. From there, you can you can customize your widget, called a “Soapbox”, and paste the javascript code into your website. For MySpace users, there is an alternatively way of obtaining the widget since MySpace doesn’t support javascript embedding. To make a comment in Soapbox, your site visitors must enter in the name, their site’s URL (optional) followed by the text they wish to have appear in the Soapbox. The widget and corresponding services are completely free. In Their Own Words

“NAT1ON (Nay-Shun) offers FREE high quality web site add-ons that use the latest technologies enhancing your online experience and bringing you the very best on the internet. We will continue to bring you fun, unique, and technologically advanced services changing the way you think about how the internet should be”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

NAT1ON offers a really easy-to-use widget with a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing design that won’t clutter up your website. It’s essentially the equivalent of having a real-time chat function embedded in your site; it’s a very efficient way of promoting discussion about your site that you in turn can use to make relevant improvements or changes.

Some Questions About

It would be great if there were a way for you, as a site owner, to be able to interact with the people visiting your site as well. Apart from jumping into the discussion on the Soapbox, which could be time-consuming and potentially not fruitful if your site visitors aren’t discussing something relevant, can NAT1ON develop a way for users to direct questions at a site owner specifically? Perhaps an alert via RSS or email when a user types a certain key word or symbol?