– Napkins with Hi-Def Advertisements


NapAds.comNapAds is a powerful, new approach to social advertising. They have spent the past year developing its exclusive social network consisting of bars and nightclubs.

NapAds are provided to its network members for free in exchange for allowing to place NapAds inside their venue. Their exclusive Hi-Def napkins allows for any print campaign to be duplicated on to a standard beverage napkin. Once the napkins are printed they are provided to the bars and lounges free-of-charge. They produce thousands of your custom napkin advertisements, and arrange distribution to your targeted demographic. Whether it’s a trendy SoHo lounge, midtown sports bar, or uptown restaurant, they will place your product where your product needs to be seen. In Their Own Words

“NapAds is more than just napkin advertising. With our exclusive, High Definition Napkin, branded with your unique campaign creative, it’s napkin entertainment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everyone has jotted down some business ideas on a napkin. This is a new twist to branding on napkins.

Some Questions About

How will the site advertise itself? Will people pay to get this service?