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NameThis.comHave a product that needs a catchy name? NameThis allows you to put your company or product up on the line for people to brainstorm names ideas. You describe what your product’s about, include an image, and can answer any questions your potential namers have for you, and in 48 hours you have three names available that have received the majority of support from the community for you to choose from.


It costs $99, so there’s incentive for the user base to get creative and come up with a decent name to share in part of the cash prize if their name is selected. Users can either submit name ideas or invest in someone else’s using their site points, or watts. Based on how many other people have invested in a certain name and how much they’ve invested, you get a read out of what percent your stake is of the prize for investors if the name you choose gets selected. Obviously, the more popular names will lead to you having less of a stake for the same amount of points, but it will also mean you’ll most likely have a bigger chance of actually winning some money. So if you’re feeling stumped for a crowd pleasing name for your site, store, company, or product, spend $99 to get input from the public and a potentially winning name. In Their Own Words

namethis makes the otherwise time-consuming process of finding a market-ready name quick and painless. Why spend time and money gambling on the ideas of a few, when you can have the market bounce ideas off of you?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Some big companies have already posted for new name ideas, which gives the site credibility and makes it fun to think that you could help in convincing a big company to change its product name, like the Zune from Microsoft or the Chevy Nova. The fact that there’s actually money to be won also makes people think hard and try to come up with their best ideas to try and pick a winner, and there is incentive for people to choose wisely which name to invest in so that they could actually get a stake of the prize.

Some Questions About

How will they deal with people who just post their personal ideas on the product in the form of a name that just clutters the space and the list of names (such as people’s opinions on the Zune versus the more popular iPod)? How many people are actually investing in the names, and do the companies get a stats read out on those numbers and who the users were that voted for it?

Author : Charly Zaks

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