search cancel – Creating Profile Names With Panache lets you customize any text by using the special characters, symbols, and type that it provides.


“What good is that for?”, I hear you ask. Essentially, you can use Name Ninja to customize profile display names or to create eye-catching titles for forums, classified ads, or even eBay ads.

There are three ways in which this service could be implemented: by symbols, by language and by style. As it is the norm, you can also have a look at the most popular styles and have your pick from the ones that are proving to be better-loved by the online community.

Many people that use the Internet are not aware of these “characters and symbols” they can have access to. They tend to think that they are stuck with the simple English keyboard. The Name Ninja website was conceived so that others would have a ready chance to be creative with these names, titles, and descriptions. If that sounds like a good proposition to you, just follow the provided link and see if you can find a style that depicts who you are. In Their Own Words

“Create customized names with special characters, symbols, and type for MySpace.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to bring your social profile or any text you intend others to see fully alive.

Some Questions About

How often are new styles being added to the website?

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