– Compare Prices & Shop In India is a price guide for online and real world shopping for products in India. So big has been the evolution of online marketing and of selling and buying through the internet, that the choices for buying a single product are unending. Some help at this is what wants to provide. There’s been a significant growth on daily deals sites which offer great discounts for items purchased by large groups of people, and of auction sites where anyone can sell their used stuff at lower prices. In all this really wide scope of options, users can get a bit confused or at least be less sure about their buying decisions.

By using Naaptol, though, potential buyers can get an idea of which website, or any regular shop made of brick, is ofering the best price for a certain product. But is also more than a simple guide. The site defines itself as a “comparison based social shopping portal”, because it works as a social network were people can connect with each other and share interests for similar products. Imagine you like certain kind of music and want tu purchase CD’s from your favorite music genre. lets you contact other users with similar interests, and so you’ll get tips about where you can find the best prices or the most varied stock.

Share your experiences or compare your purchases is another thing you can do here at This means, for example, reviewing the products you liked and recommend the stores which are the best in your opinion. So with all these features, Naaptol is more than a simple site giving information, but a platform to interact with users and by doing so, becoming smarter as a buyer. In Their Own Words

Launched in January 2008, naaptol has grown to become India’s leading comparison based social shopping portal, the one-stop destination for all shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts

Why It Might Be A Killer

What does is provide information for buyers, the one thing that gives power to them because the more informed they are, the smarter decisions they’ll make.

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Do they have some other competitor offering the same service in India?