– Social Networking Goes Corporate


Mzinga.comMzinga is the official regrouping and rebranding of two tech companies who banded together in efforts to make the ‘’two heads are better than one’’ theory work. The two companies, Knowledge Planet and Shared Insights, specialized in web-based corporate learning, and web communities respectively.

The new project, Mzinga focuses on social networks/websites for corporations. Mzinga allows corporations to create networking space on their websites so that consumers can gather together and chat (or complain) about this or that product or service. It also helps on the employee side as well with recruiting and training. Corporations can setup their own web communities designed specifically for employees. This way, both customers and employess have new ways of reaching out and voicing their own opinions. It isn’t cheap though. The simple service alone is $1000 per month and the full service will cost you $18,000 annually. In Their Own Words

“Put quite simply, we believe that companies can use their existing communities of people – their employees, their customers, their partners, and their shareholders – to solve their business needs and provide real value to the business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mzinga certainly won’t starve to death. It’s a good idea to get corporations onto the social networking market. It’ll allow for more community participation and dialogue so that corporations can take consumer research to a new level.

Some Questions About

Will Mzinga’s corporate networks be a success? Can they foster real community involvement like a Facebook or MySpace?