– Improve Your Writing Skills

MyWritingLab.comWorking 100% on the browser, MyWritingLab is a learning program aimed at developing writers. This web-based application can help them pen better texts not only by pointing out tips and strategies, but also by correcting and grading what they’ve written. That is, MyWritingLab works on two different levels: it tells users about all these strategies that would turn them into much better writers, and then it can go through these texts that they have composed, and score them.

This turns MyWritingLab into a great resource for teachers, as it can help them educate their students much faster, and then have their texts corrected in half the time it would take them if they did it the usual way.

MyWritingLab was created by Pearson in 2002, and it has always worked with all the different developmental writing texts produced by the company. Besides, the service works with all the book-specific courses and e-books that you are listed on this part of the website. also includes lots of tutorials for teachers and for students, and the site has also got a section where the company’s latest news are posted, along with its plans for the future – you can check it out here.