– Introducing 2.0 Tech to the Office

MyWorklight.comWorklight uses 2.0 goodies such as RSS and Ajax enabling businesses and professionals’ easy access to corporate data.

Other features for info dispersal include desktop and web-based widgets and gadgets, personalized homepages, mashups, IM, and social bookmarks. Information is obtained through the use of adapters which easily plug in to apps and SQL interfaces among others. Worklight essentially makes work drudge-free. Employees can customize how they want their data displayed and define their application feeds. Worklight currently runs on Linux but a Windows version is in the works. The product’s license price is based on the number of active users. Evaluation copies are available for qualified organizations In Their Own Words

“WorkLight™ is a server-based software product that provides employees with customized and personalized “Web 2.0-style” access to corporate data that reside in enterprise applications.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Worklight is a lightweight and simple app that can be easily integrated into your existing network. It brings the goodness of 2.0 into the workplace, making finding and viewing data more approachable and reflexive. The tools and structures used by Worklight are already familiar to workers because that’s what they see all the time on the net, thus you can expect more productivity.

Some Questions About

Will businesses stick to their old ways or will they adopt to the 2.0 trend? How will WorkLight get businesses to change?