– Social Networking Through Tastes

MyTrybe.comMyTrybe is a social network specializing in interests. It’s designed especially with idea of matching similarly interested minds.

To achieve this, attention is focused on things—objects and ideas that can be classified as either style, arts and entertainment, humor, news or books. Friendships are facilitated by concurring tastes and values as defined by how members rate items. Each item that a person lists as a like can be rated using a sliding scale, by other members. MyTrybe then learns what you like and connects you with others sharing the same tastes. Thus, users are recommended not just things but also people, effectively building a tight knit tribe conversant in the same topics. MyTrybe has an initial question and answer set for each new member; this helps to narrow in on particular preferences and values. Items can be pulled in from anywhere on the web. In Their Own Words

“MyTrybe is a networking application that connects you with people that share your personal taste.
Get just-right recommendations and discover the people in your personal taste network…your Trybe!”

“MyTrybe connects you to people who share your taste, and the things they love. It’s called taste networking and is the basis for how MyTrybe works.

Your personal taste network – your Trybe – is comprised of the people most similar to you in the MyTrybe community. No two Trybes are exactly alike.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In the schema of social networks MyTrybe offers something different. It draws people in not by contacts or old schoolmates, but rather by taste. In this way, the tribes are actually, more connected and less random than friends on other networks. MyTrybe does in fact facilitate friendships.

Some Questions About

This approach could take off or it could fail. One caveat for the moment is the lack of members—thus meaning, there aren’t going to be many matches. Does it’s matching filtration system prove true? Does like really equal like?