– Record GPS Tracks

MyTracks.Appspot.comAn app that is available to Android users everywhere, My Tracks empowers them to record GPS tracks and visualize live statistics while running, biking or hiking. These include aspects such speed, distance and elevation – that is, pivotal information to any outdoor activity.

Once you have finished recording the pertinent information, then you can not only view it using Google Maps technology, but also share it with fellow sportsmen or family members that want to know about your current location. You can also access other people’s tracks in a similar manner, and invitations can be sent and received to these purposes. You must have the Google My Maps Editor installed on you mobile, but that is the one requirement you have to comply with.

As a conclusion, if you are lucky enough to have an Android phone and are looking for a way to monitor your performance this new app has all the elements for becoming your new outdoors personal assistant in place. Give it a try by following the link displayed below and see whether it works out for you or not. In Their Own Words

“My Tracks is an application for your Android powered phone. With My Tracks you can record GPS tracks and visualize your hiking, running, biking or any other activity while watching live performance statistics. My Tracks makes it easy to archive your training history with Google Docs and Google My Maps, and share your activities with friends and the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those that have an active liking for outdoor activities will find the above-described functionalities valuable.

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Do you have to pay anything in order to procure and install it?