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“MyThings provides a safe, easy-to-use place for you to catalog it and track it online.
Why catalog your things online? For many reasons! Perhaps you want one safe place to house all those details—you know, the random receipts and warranties you’ve stuffed in a shoebox or in that famous junk drawer. Or maybe you want to better manage your things—like when you need to upgrade or replace certain items, see what’s missing in your favorite collection, or time which wines to drink within the year. Or perhaps you want to know how much your cache of valuables is really worth. It can be any of these things but the point is with MyThings, you can have peace of mind because it is safe and secure and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The service definitely has a sort of Antiques Road Show appeal. Your stuff can be quite interesting. Members can browse through the junk and gems of others for fun; they can meet others who are interested in the same items; and they can simply keep track of what’s theirs. MyThings has got quite a large list of collectibles which may attract more than just a niche audience.

Some Questions About

Just how is MyThings going keep track of stolen items? How do they screen them? Keeping a listing of all your valuables on the web might not be such a good idea—security risks etc. What are they going to do with the $8 million in funding? Is it really necessary?