KillerStartups – Organize Your Sports Team is a site that lets team captains better organize their team.

If you are a captain of a sport you can join the community. You begin by registering then registering your team players. Make a roster of your team players, what positions they play and their email address. Now you can send them updates about when and where games are and other important information. helps you save time, improve attendance and performance, and you can create a fan base. There are many features that help you organize your team. There is an active team page that gives you a summary of your team, players, scores, upcoming games, etc .. There is your team page which has the crucial team information, team name, league, type of sport, logo, players, and reminder email timing. There is a calendar feature that helps you organize your team’s schedule, there is messaging so captains can communicate with team players. There are forums so that players and captains can discuss events. There are attendance reminders so that every member knows when there is a game, and there is also a fan page that displays rosters, media and scores. is the ultimate sports organizer. Improve communication with your team by visiting In Their Own Words

“The purpose of MyTeamCaptain is to provide a user-friendly, effective way for leagues, teams, and players to organize themselves. We have worked very hard to use the latest technology and design techniques to make MyTeamCaptain everything you want it to be.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a sporty interface you feel like you are out on the field ready to play baseball. The site is easy to navigate. makes it much easier for captains and team members to communicate. The updates and notifications are a nice feature that save team captains time. If you include a zipcode in the email, the update will include a weather forecast. It is also nice that members can participate in as many teams as they want and manage as man teams as they want. You can even have leagues and teams within the league can communicate and share information.

Some Questions About could include more Web 2.0 features so that team members could communicate. Team members could create a more dynamic profile and friend other MyTeamCaptain members. has media present in more spaces besides the fan site. Each member could have a video clip of them on their profile.

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