– Time Management Assistant

MyTata.netWhere does the time go? From the time you wake up and think of all you have to do during the day to the time you fall into bed exhausted, do you really know how you’ve spent your time? It is likely that either you miraculously got all of your work and errands done, or unfortunately you managed to achieve nothing and you wonder why. Mytata.

net is a very simple program designed to track how individuals or small business spend their time. Users can register for free as either students or small business and start right away by recording the ‘activity at hand.’ All that is asked is for users to type in the activity and then note when they finish. Notes and tags can be added to help the users remember what they were doing when looking back at the log. The program will save this information and create a daily log of activities and time spent on each one. After updating the log for about a week, users can look over how their time was spent and decide what changes should be made to increase productivity. In Their Own Words

“We are a small business specialized in creating and providing a web-based Time Management Tool. Located in the beautiful Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, Virginia (US), with a dozen of higher learning institutions in the area, we enjoy mutually beneficial working relationships with some of them in refining our tool and exchanging ideas”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For people who are constantly on the computer this is a great way to track time use. The input requirements are minimal and the time log is simple to review and summarize time wasted spent.

Some Questions About

The main screen offers this program to students and small business. Are there plans to add directions for personal users? Also, the user id is very long and should be altered to something that users can remember. The start and stop times need to be fixed, as they currently only show the partial time, for example 5:2 pm instead of 5:25 pm. Minutes count in these long busy days and should be part of the calculation.