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MySyncPad.comSyncPad is a new remote collaboration tool. It will let you turn your iPad into a whiteboard that you can use in real time with all your friends. Think of it as a Facetime for drawings, and you will be getting quite near the mark.


Users of SyncPad create rooms to which they invite their co-workers, and they can actually import pictures from their very own libraries and use these as the starting point of the whole collaborative problem. Multiple colors can be used, everything can be done and undone, and the results can be shared via email.

Obviously, an application like this one lends itself to some good fun as much as it lends itself to brainstorming and professional uses. Any children will be able to collaborate with his friends in real time (provided you have no problem with him using your brand-new iPad, of course).

SyncPad is a paid application (it currently retails at $ 9.99). In any case, the SyncPad Reader can be downloaded and used at just no cost. In Their Own Words

Share your ideas, your sketches, your drawings from anywhere, in real-time.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can turn brainstorming into a far more immediate task.

Some Questions About

What other professional uses can this be put to?

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