search cancel – Online Community Translations is one of the most popular subtitle sites on the net.


It is a web 2.0 technology and concepts site that uses wiki-style multi-user interface in order to give the masses the chance to translate or validate even a single phrase from English to any other language, or vice versa. It is a really unique subtitles web site because apart from all this, it offers the users the possibility to download subtitles from mostly any of the movies that are now on theatres and DVD. In Their Own Words

“Search for a movie using the blue search box in the upper part of the site. Once the search completed you’ll be displayed with a list of movies. Pick the right one for you by clicking on its name.”

Why It Might Be A Killer uses the community to translate, phrase by phrase, subtitles that will then be able for the whole community to download. This is a technique that simplifies the process a lot and makes it faster to produce new subtitles for new movies.

Some Questions About

Do they really have the subtitles for almost all the movies in all the languages they say they do?

Author : Bill Webb

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