– MySpace codes

Myspace-crash-codes.comIf you are tired of being one more user of MySpace with that dull and impersonal outlook, then you take a look at

Working very mush like a blog where the administrator tells what he/she’s up to, in this site you will be able to find everything to extreme-personalize your MySpace profile: codes, layouts, divs, contact buttons, comment boxes, headlines, backgrounds and quotes.

The site provides all sorts of sleek and trendy comment boxes, some of which are really arty and design-conscious, so welcome! What the site does is basically letting you know what the code is, so it is quite easy to handle. Other features included in the site are web tutorials so you can maximize your use of free internet resources, like blogs and free webpages. In the credits you will find a complete list of where the fonts and designs and other such stuff that were used to build the site came from, so you might find the links useful in order to undertake some other design project.