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MySecretCircle.comIf you have a teenage daughter, chances are you might already have had some disagreements over the use of social networking sites. It is only natural – your daughter does not want to be left out of one of the trendiest things nowadays, but you can see that there are some risks that are simply not worth taking.

The trouble is that you just do not want to come out of the whole matter as a sort of square figure who says “You will not do that because I am your father” – that might sound to your daughter as ““You will not do that because I am your father, I am old fashioned and I do not understand new technology at all”. If that scenario is a (sadly) familiar one to you, then this new social service will put an end to that.

In essence, My Social Circle is a network for tween girls where the utmost care has been taken in order to ensure the privacy and the safety of those who participate. It actually involves buying a USB key that serves as the login, and which effectively ensures a higher level of privacy and security.

I feel there is a true demand for services like this one. Girls want to be part of the social web. Parents are adverse to it, yet at the same time they realize they can not exclude their daughters from the technology that is delineating the modern world. This new service brings both parties close and let them reach an agreement of sorts. In Their Own Words

“Only my friends… online!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way for parents to let their daughters take part of the social web in a controlled setting.

Some Questions About

How much does this USB key cost?