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Mysalbum – Store Your Images Online

MysalbumLook no further than this website if you are looking for a quick and functional way to have all your images hosted online. Mysalbum offers exactly that: a corner of the Web in which you are going to be able to keep your images, and control exactly who is going to see them (and where).


By signing up for a Mysalbum account you will get a unique URL in which you will be able to store your every image, and enable only certain people to view them. You will be allowed to specify that only people from specific parts of the world be able to see them, and also make them viewable a set number of times only.

Obviously, this unique URL where all your images are to be hosted can be spread and shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. And also on your own blog (if you happen to have one, that is).

Registration to Mysalbum is free and easy. Simply pick a username and a password, supply your email address and that will be it.

Mysalbum In Their Own Words

Show your images in one URL!

Why Mysalbum It Might Be A Killer

As far as hosting images online and regulating who can see them goes, this is as straightforward as it gets.

Some Questions About Mysalbum

Which image formats are supported? Mysalbum

Author : Roger Hollings

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