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Myrl.comMyrl (short for both “My Real Life” and “My Role life”) is self-described as a cross-world entertainment platform that brings together users and the virtual worlds they inhabit and roam through. There are already 19 worlds to choose from and start interacting with others, and the applications keep on being developed to ensure there is an endless array of possibilities, just as in real life.


So far, some of the most notable features of Myrl include the ability to manage multiple avatars from a single dashboard and aggregate and share all the contents from the different worlds available.

As it is pointed out on the site, Myrl was created in order to bridge the exiting divide between virtual worlds and the web by integrating Web 2.0 into the virtual worlds, and stimulate user interaction all over the Internet. Features that are planned include a community of virtual world businesses, and turning Myrl into a virtual goods trading platform.

Make sure to set your browser to if you wish to read further information and see for yourself the finer points of the widespread phenomenon that virtual worlds stand for. In Their Own Words

“Myrl is a social gateway for virtual worlds that allows you to share your virtual life on the web. Discover, browse and play across multiple worlds with Myrl.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Virtual worlds are a source of fascination for many people all over the world.

Some Questions About

How often will Myrl be updated?

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