– Report Power Outages

MyPowersOut.comThis is a service that lets people report power outages via their mobile phones. If your power goes out, then you simply scoop up your mobile and send a SMS with the word OUT as its text. That will do the trick. The power company will get to know

about the situation right as it is happening, and you will be reporting the outage in a way that is more comfortable than having to make a phone call and speak to an operator.

For this to work out, you have to register first. That costs nothing, and it is dealt with by furnishing your street address, your email and your mobile phone number. The only fees that are going to be charged are the standard text message rates that apply where you live. The company charges no fees for the provision of this service.

And note that you can sign up for MyPowersOut by sending a text message with the word REGISTER along with your address and ZIP code to the number that is provided to these purposes. In Their Own Words

Get the lights turned back on faster.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a much faster alternative to ringing the power company up and reporting what has happened.

Some Questions About

Will countries other than the US ever be supported in the future?