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Myngle.comMyngle is the global language e-learning marketplace, where teachers and students from all over the world myngle, understand each other better and have fun – as they learn new languages and cultures. Myngle offers a solution by providing students and teachers in different locations with a complete online language instruction platform, containing all the tools needed for synchronous e-learning.

Myngle is free for students and teachers to sign-up and will provide an online environment for live one-to-one classes for basically any language and level from any type of teacher. You can choose your own teacher or student depending on your specific needs, availability and price. If you are a student you can try out a demo lesson with your selected teacher before you have to pay anything. Whether you are a complete beginner or require advanced conversational practice, Myngle will have a solution for you. And you can have or give these language classes from the comfort of your home at the times when you desire. The platform will be offered in 2 complementary models; MyngleMarket and MyngleTowns; MyngleMarket will be an open and free market exchange, where any skilled teacher will be selling language lessons (and related materials) to prospective students. MyngleTowns will be entities offering good quality foreign language education that meet a certain minimum quality standard. These could be schools offering their own content or groups of teachers who share the same methodology and pedagogical approach. In Their Own Words

“Besides the fact that we believe Myngle is an excellent business model, we are convinced we have an excellent opportunity to make the world a better place.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Myngle is unique because it offers a complete proposal including e-learning tools, feedback mechanisms, and a community environment. Myngle changes the world of foreign language instruction from the traditional offline model to an interactive, fun and efficient online medium.

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Is it necessary special software to be able to have language lessons via Myngle?