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MyndNet.comOwner of a blog or a website? Looking for new and interesting ways to monetize the site? You may want to look into, it is a service that allows its clients to ask questions and pay a fee for an answer.

People can become members of the MyndNet service and get paid for providing the correct answers. Now your average Jeopardy buff is probably thinking right now, this is great, I can make a fortune in this. Maybe, generally the questions are more like the kind of questions that a head hunter would answer. For instance, the question stated in the websites example is, “Know an integrated Marcom Mgr w/global B2B, enterprise experience, and strong messanging skills?” Hardly common trivia knowledge, but if you answer the question, you are entitled to $14. Website owners can place a MyndNet widget on their sites and get a part of the money from the answers as well. In Their Own Words

“Myndnet is a unique information marketplace where social computing delivers business solutions.

Recruiters and marketers, who need information, such as job candidate profiles or market research data, come to Myndnet and make requests for information. Myndnet then uses a question and answer format to gather the data from members and pay those who supply the information.

Myndnet is the only information marketplace that enables people to monetize their knowledge.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This may be a new and interesting way to monetize a site, and an interesting way to make money as a reader as well. Potential users could also log directly onto the MyndNet site and ask or answer questions there.

Some Questions About

Will people fear putting this widget on their site for fear of it cheapening the site? Will people actually take the time to answer these questions? Especially if they are headhunter-like questions, asking if you know someone with specific job skills and their information.