– Find and Convert Videos for Mobile

MyMovo.comMyMovo is a video search engine which makes the most popular online videos available for iPods, cell phones, PSPs and other formats. This free tool basically makes it exquisitely easy to get videos onto your mobile device.

Most people don’t take advantage of their devices’ visual capabilities because it simply hasn’t been an easy thing to do. MyMovo takes things up a notch, creating a simple search and conversion platform that anyone can use. It searches and indexes over 15,000 links from all the major video sharing sites, allowing viewers to download the content directly to their computers to be converted into a convenient mobile format. Users will also be able to transfer their DVD’s and stored video files to their media players. In Their Own Words

“myMovo’s powerful new free search engine and net video index enables users to easily
download videos directly from top internet video providers and automatically convert
them to popular Portable Video Player (PVP) formats.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MyMovo offers a simple manner to get your favorite videos onto any mobile device. It’s an all in one platform, which makes it incredibly efficient and convenient. It saves you a lot of effort—rather than having to find your video and convert it via three or four different sites, you’ve got one interface to work with that will do all the legwork for you.

Some Questions About

How well does this work? How long does it take to convert and download a video? Is this available for Mac and Linux?