– Use One ID for Many Sites

Mymobile-id.comMany may be familiar with the concept of OpenID which has been gaining steam of late amongst major players like Google, Yahoo, Sun, AOL and many others. The thinking behind an OpenID is that people are getting fed up with having to maintain multiple username and password combinations in their head for each of the many sites that they use, and that a global identity makes a lot more sense.

MyMobile-ID, currently in Alpha mode, will allow anyone to sign up and create their own online identity and thereby put an end to their reliance on username and passwords. MyMobile-ID currently offers SMS account confirmation in Germany, easy management of your online identity, and the ability to sign-in on all OpenID enabled websites. In Their Own Words

“Sign up for your OpenID now and start using it to sign up lots of websites without taking care about many different usernames and passwords. Create your only online identity now for free at MyMobile-ID and use it across the internet for accessing every OpenID enabled website. The only thing you have to keep in mind is one username and password.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People visit so many sites these days and as a result they have to remember an increasing number of usernames and passwords. Sure, they could opt for simply using the same username and password for everything but that can be both insecure and it isn’t always possible.

Some Questions About

Currently, the vast majority of websites don’t support OpenID and there are already a number of sites offering a similar service. Is there enough room for MyMobile-ID or will it and all of the other smaller players be forced out when the behemoths decide to get involved?