– Test Yourself is a new Health 2.

0 service that allows users to order tests online without a medical indication, and then pop up in their local lab to have the samples taken. This service reduces costs and operating times, as you are not required to visit your doctor before and after taking the tests, as patients can view their labs results online through this site about 24-48 hours after having the test done, and only then go to see their doctor with the printed copy of their results, which by the way does not go to any medical record unless the patient wants it to have it delivered there. All the results are explained by the site, and include a link to the National Library of Medicine for more detailed information. Also interesting is the fact that users can purchase lab packs called ‘Wellness Profiles’, which based on age, sex and family history parameters allow users to choose tests that can help them early detect risk for recurring conditions in their demographic group. In Their Own Words

“MyMedLab represents the future of private and affordable health care for today’s consumers. We combine the expertise of our doctors with upfront pricing, convenient service and quality testing to create a simple way to learn about your health.

We have built our service around the revolutionary tool of a Personal Health Record (PHR). Get involved in your care today, your health and your family are depending on it”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since this company works on a national wholesale business model, its customers can get reduced rates for their lab tests (usually 50-80% cheaper), thus lowering the costs of medical treatment, which is always a good thing. Also, since you don’t need your doctor’s approval or medical insurance coverage, users can more freely choose to perform tests they would otherwise not be comfortable to take, thus empowering the patient to make his/her decisions about the best way to manage their health, and this is always a good reason for a medical company’s success.

Some Questions About

Is this form of self administration of health issues going to make a huge impact, or are doctors prone to discourage this kind of self evaluation tools? Moreover, will people use this service sensibly, or will this company make a huge profit out of hypochondriacs?