– Invest In New Artists if the future of music artists were determined in a marketplace, giving people like you and me the chance to invest on the careers of these performers that we have really taken a liking to?

This site stands as the answer to that question. It will let us take a personal interest on new artists, and support them financially. The site is structured in a way quite reminiscent of eBay, with artists being listed for people to bid on for a set amount of time.

Obviously, full profiles are included in each and every case for you to get to know the artist in question better. I mean, just because you caught one of his songs somewhere and liked it that is no guarantee you are going to like his whole oeuvre, right? The rational thing to do would be to check more songs, and also to read his full bio so as to ensure the vision that artist has suits your own.

If all these things meet, then you would be able make an investment on his career, and turn him into a protegee of sorts. In Their Own Words

Discover artists – Invest in music.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let music lovers take an even more involved role in the careers of performers.

Some Questions About

What benefits are there for those who invest in an artist?