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MyLongLunch.comIf you are an active part of the advertising industry, or if you hope to become one sometime soon, this website has enough resources to keep your interest up. Basically, it will let you interact with other members of said industry in the way that social sites always do – creating profiles, making contacts and (hopefully) generating leads.


When you first sign up, you will join as a “newbie”. Your profile will be showcased on the opening screen for all to see. The site also features two main search tools. One will let you look up media companies, whereas the other will let you search agencies on the dot. These are the two categories you can sign up as, actually.

One of the most valuable aspects of this community site is that there is comprehensive information as regards live events not just in Europe or in the US but all over the world. This is a must when it comes to professional networking sites, and it is good to see it has been taken into consideration.

Other than that, the site plays the role one expects it to play: connecting advertising professionals and letting them build bonds and creative alliances. If that is the industry your ply your trade at, check it out. In Their Own Words

“MyLongLunch harnesses the power of online community to connect the advertising industry. Conceived and founded by Jamie Leonard (Northcliffe, Monster, Fish4) the site gives time-poor sales professionals a real time at a glance view of everything happening in the industry.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized network that hits all the right notes.

Some Questions About

Is it free to join?

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