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Mylid.netMylid is an online identity provider which supports OpenID, LID, and Yadis. Creating a LID URL with Mylid grants you access to any site that is compatible with these three login systems, and allows for a secure messaging mechanism that is free of spam.


To sign up for a LID URL, choose a name for your URL in the format http://mylid/username, choose a password, and specify to where you want your incoming messages delivered. Mylid affords you complete control of your online identity, and the service is completely free. In Their Own Words

“Three easy steps … and it’s free! is the first multi-protocol identity provider, supporting LID, OpenID, and Yadis simultaneously. This means that your identity URL is accepted in more places than other identity URLs”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mylid is really easy to use and expands the variety of webpages that you can access with your LID URL. If you already have an OpenID but want to be able to log in to more sites, Mylid could be a good solution.

Some Questions About

What are some examples of pages that Mylid users can access? It would be nice of a list of example hosts sides were given so that potential service subscribers could the extent to which Mylid enables greater site accessibility.

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