search cancel – Preparing Today for Tomorrow is a post-mortem IT company which allows users to generate an account and upload letters, images and videos to keep for posterity, so whether it is last words, your last message or your last wishes, you can keep them here so they can be opportunely viewed by the people you nominate.


When registering to use this service, users have to choose from a series of coverage plans (a complete product catalogue is available from the site), and provide the email addresses of those who will be allowed to look at the stored information, which builds up as an online memorial. When the account owner passes away, family or friends have to get in touch with, and only then the company releases the information, and alerts all the people that are scheduled to access the memorial. Interestingly, users can set their accounts in order to allow different recipients to access limited or restricted information, so that the online memorial can be visited by lots of different people, as opposed to generating different memorials for different people who can (or not) learn about more intimate and personal issues. In Their Own Words

“The two longest words in the English language are “If only.” We may regret not telling someone how much we love them, or regret the harsh words we once had with a friend. We regret not letting friends and family into our lives a little more and sharing our thoughts and feelings with them. “If only I had told them”, “If only they could have known.”

And once we die that opportunity is lost – but it need not be. Here at we offer you the opportunity to make that “If only…” into a reality.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A good thing about this site is that other than the paid accounts, users can create a small personal memorial online for free, provided that it has one text file, one picture, one video and just two recipients. Other than that, the main reason as to why this site might become a killer startup (no pun intended) is that it tackles a clearly definable anxiety, and caters for that need in a discrete, affordable and dependable way.

Some Questions About

People’s contact details can change a lot in a lifetime, so it seems to me that other than e-mail addresses, this site should collect alternative contact information from the account owner, just in case there is something wrong with the email box. Will they consider it?

Author : Caroline Bright

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