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MyJoffer.comJoffer is a service which promises “Amazing deals in great cities”. It attempts to make that come true by letting you get your hands on items that are available at discounted prices in your own city, and you can also see what is hot elsewhere in the event you are planning to travel someplace.


The whole premise is that of group buying. That is, if you do spot an item you would like to get you can’t just buy it on your own. You will have to gather enough friends so as to form what the site names “critical mass”. That is because a minimum number of items have to be sold. Otherwise, the system would not work that well at all for merchants.

If you and your friends do manage to win the Joffer, you will then receive voucher codes that you can redeem for what you have won.

Systems like this one do leverage the power that the Internet has for connecting people, and although they won’t become the standard way for doing transactions online anytime soon, they will satisfy the thrill-hunters out there. And those who have tons of friends will also love it, of course. In Their Own Words

“Amazing deals in great cities!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you have a lot of friends and enough time to do some bargain-hunting, this is going to yield more than satisfactory results for you.

Some Questions About

How does it compare with other group buying sites out there?

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