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MyJobJabs.comIf you want to share many things with an important number of people this site is an effective way for you to do it. There are many things you can share with your friends about crazy and funny moments you live when you are at work.


In this way you will have the chance to let your friends know about a wide variety of funny moments you live on a daily basis. You already know that this kind of things happen to many people every day. On this site you will find these stories under the name of “Jabs” and they are constantly being published by users. After they are published you will be able to find them divided in a number of categories depending on what the post is about. If you like the posts you are free to posts you own comments on them and they will be surely seen by a huge number of people. This is an interesting way to contribute with others in order to make discussions about any topic more interesting.

You will have to register to get a username, and after you do it you will be allowed to submit your Jabs. One good thing about this site is the fact that it gives you different categories where you will find different Jabs about your boss or co-workers. In addition to this, you will have the chance to find categories related to your industry. The site has an approval process with the intention to make sure that your Jab’s content is appropriate before it is posted on the main site. In Their Own Words

“This site is a great way for people to vent out about crazy and funny instances that happen at work. Not only will this ease the person by sharing there quirky funny story about work, but it will prove that stuff like this happens to everyone on a daily basis”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be attractive to people that want to share information about many topics with their friends and have fun at the same time.

Some Questions About

How often are the categories being updated? Do they have new categories being created?

Author : Paul Barker

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