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MyGeoPosition.comAccording to its programmer, MyGeoPosition is an application that was created because Google Maps themselves do not have accurate geocoding for street numbers which are in the countryside. He found this aspect infuriating whenever he had to design maps and geotags for customers, so he set down to work and came up with this application.

Its most notable features include finetuning of positions by means of a drag & drop marker and the automated creation of both geo-metatags and geotags for websites and weblogs alike, as well as a iGoogle gadget for fast geocoding from your personal landing page. Moreover, data protection is taken care of by setting up accuracy parameters.

So far, this free service is offered both in English and in German. If you take a liking to this application and think you can handle a translation to your native language follow the link that is provided and procure the relevant file. The online community is certain to appreciate your contribution. In Their Own Words

“Just want to tell you a little bit more about my latest application which was born out of the following problem: Everytime I created a map and geotags for a customers website, I had problems with quick & easy geocoding his position, especially if he was living in the countryside. Google Maps often has no accrurate geocoding for street numbers in the countryside or sends me completely into the nirvana.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an easy-to-use tool that comes at no charge at all.

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Are worldwide addresses taken into account?