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Mygazines.comMygazines is a site that allows you to browse through, collect, and personalize all of the magazine articles that interest you. The site is based on uploaded magazine articles, brochures, and pamphlets done by its users, and makes it possible for the community to check them out with a whole bunch of options.

Magazines can be viewed in their entirety, or searched and read based on specific articles. When users find articles that they want to hold on to for later, they can save them, bookmark them, share them, or store them for later use. Once articles have been selected, a mygazine can be created, which is basically a magazine including all of your chosen articles organized according to your design. You could search for or upload various nutrition articles and recipes and then create a mygazine with all of those tidbits organized and browsable, so that you don’t have to go sorting through each different publication later on. When viewing the articles from the site, you can flip through the pages as if you were reading and checking out an actual physical publication. The difference is that this version doesn’t waste paper, can be tagged and saved without taking up space or wasting time, and can work as a scrapbook of sorts for all of your favorite articles. In Their Own Words

“Mygazines is your free place to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited magazine articles uploaded by you, the Mygazines community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who love magazines but don’t want to pay a subscription fee will want to check out this site. The fact that you can collect articles from different sources and create your own magazine based on all of that information is a really cool idea people will love who want to focus on a specific section of magazine topics usually only designated a page or two in each edition. It’s easy to browse the articles and to find and save the ones that interest you.

Some Questions About

Will people take the time to upload entire magazines to a website or will the site be lacking in up-to-date content? Will people want to refer to magazine articles for tips, ideas, and stories when there are so many other online alternatives for the same kind of information? How will the site monitor content and spam?