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In general terms, this site is an online community where such individuals can create online portfolios for the sharing of their images, videos and audio files.

Moreover, a “Work In Progress” section is featured for those who need advice and guidance as regards how to proceed best and carry any project to completion, by letting them ask others for critique. Both a blog and a forum are provided to these ends, too.

When it comes to uploading your videos, emphasis is placed on retaining high quality as it is only appropriate taking into account the objective of the site. The videos are accessible in both Flash and Quicktime formats.

The site adheres to a very simple philosophy: “Designed by the creative mind, for the creative mind”. If you identify with that, do make a point of visiting this site and seeing how it can help you negotiate the artistic path that lies in front of you. In Their Own Words

“MyFolio is a new online community of artists and creatives. Our website allows users to upload and share their videos, images, audios, files and to also build a personalized portfolio. While MyFolio was created with a single vision of becoming one of the largest art sharing websites, its purpose is anything but singular. Designed by the creative mind, for the creative mind, is the ultimate destination for creatives and art enthusiasts looking to connect with other artists, prospective employers, and the general public.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Artists are certain to relish having such a centralized resource for the sharing of information and exchanging of insight.

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