– Capturing Down Facebook Moments

MyFamebook.netThose of you who have become accustomed to experiencing the world through Facebook are bound to find a service such as My Famebook enticing. Basically, it will let anybody have a notebook with the most salient activity within his news feeds printed, bound and delivered to his doorstep.

That is, the notebook will have a post from each contact that you have selected beforehand at the bottom of each page. The cover of the notebook is a matching one as well, and two configurations are procurable through the site: hardcover and paperback.

Creating the book is certainly easy, as after logging in using Facebook Connect you choose who should be included on the notebook and then you see a preview after you have done a little customization. Payment is handled via the eCommerce company PayPal.

The feeling of having something like this in your hands is certainly funny, and while the service on the whole won’t appeal to those but the most hardened Facebook users out there, the fact remains that Facebook has such a massive userbase that (in statistical terms) something like this might be financially viable. We’ll see. In Their Own Words

“Create your unique Famebook and wander back at any time to those great Facebook-moments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who simply couldn’t love Facebook more will find it a fun way to show their allegiance.

Some Questions About

Can you design the cover at will? If not, shouldn’t an option be added?