– Create a Site for an Event

MyEvent.comAre you having a baby and want all your friends and acquaintances to know about it? Maybe you are organizing your high school generation’s class reunion and want to have a place online where everyone can see what the latest developments are? Then go to

This website, created in 2002, provides you with all the necessary tools to help your event planning be as easy as possible. For only 9.95 dollars a month, you will be able to host professional website without needing how to create a website or HTML codes. All you have to do is fill in several forms and you can chose the type of layout you want. Events that are suitable for are weddings (you can also host a wedding registry, upload all the pictures, even get help planning the whole hoopla) class reunions, family reunions and baby arrivals. Finally, if you are not planning anything but just want to create a website for your favourite Hollywood babe or hunk, you can also do it with for the same price as the aforementioned events.