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MyEdu.comIn a nutshell, MyEdu is a website that is aimed at college students all over the United States. It has a concise aim, namely letting those who use it maximize their finances and graduate at the same time.

The site enables parents and their sons to sit together and use the provided applications in order to understand how they can distribute and allocate their existing finances best, and go all the way to graduation without having to break the bank.

The site renders two main services to me: one is that of informing the user about how much they should expect to spend at this or that College. The other is the one that lists unnecessary expenses when you are already attending a given university. These expenses that you can do without include eliminating extra semesters as well as avoiding unnecessary courses. That is done by employing a graduation roadmap to plan courses in a detailed way, and integrating each semester’s schedule with your graduation plan.

Besides, the site actively encourages the taking of online courses and exploring options at each local community’s College in order to save even more. At the end of the day, each single cent matters and the ones who have put this site and its collection of tools together know it for certain. Reducing the cost of College is something that truly becomes more feasible through a site like this one. In Their Own Words

“MyEdu’s ground breaking applications make it easy for college students to design, manage and navigate the path towards graduation. We give you everything you need to pick the best professors, design a great schedule, balance work and social life – and more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

College education is harder to subsidize than ever, and any resource that makes for bringing it within reach is invaluable.

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