MyEasyISO Makes A Previously Byzantine System So Simple

Before I can tell you about how great MyEasyISO is, I need to do a little bit of explaining. That’s because, despite the name, what this company does is actually kind of complicated. Here’s the deal: a company of any size has a whole bunch of different quality control things that they need to manage. Let’s take McDonald’s, for example, because they’re very good at this, regardless of what you think of their food.


From one McDonald’s to another, everything has to be the same — it’s a huge part of their brand, right? So McDonald’s, as a corporation, has to figure out a way to manage the quality of everything from how cashiers interact with customers to exactly how long the nuggets get fried to the angle that cooks wear their caps. How do they manage that across an international brand, you wonder? Great question! They probably use ISO forms.


ISO forms are internationally recognized quality management systems that encompass a set of policies, processes, and procedures. There are different forms for different kinds of quality management — the ISO 9001 for customer interactions, the ISO 14001 for environmental compliances; and the ISO 18001 for OSHA compliance, for example — but they help ensure that companies are keeping consistent quality across all of the many, many areas that they have to keep track of.


Now, traditionally ISO forms have meant a lot of manual checking and paperwork. Seriously: just picture a nightmare of stacks and stacks of paper piling up around a poor, hapless office worker, and you get the idea.


But that’s where MyEasyISO comes in.


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.39.15 AM


MyEasyISO was created to help that hapless office worker. They’ve taken these gargantuan quality management compliance sheets and digitized them, making them so, so much easier to both access and use. While ISO certification can feel like an exercise in futility for the average worker, business owners know just how important it really is. With MyEasyISO, those workers finally gets the help that they need to fulfill ISO certification tasks efficiently and more easily. MyEasyISO offers modules for the ISO 9001, 14001, 1891 and 22000 certifications, and covers businesses ranging from the government sector to automotive to IT to manufacturing to healthcare, to name just a few.


Oh, and did I mention that MyEasyISO makes all of these processes paperless? It’s environmentally friendly and that hapless office worker is saved from the stacks!


Look, quality management is not sexy. No one is like, “Yes! Let’s go take care of that ISO compliance today!” But those of you who need it know that you really, really need it. Make your life — and those of your employees — so much easier, with MyEasyISO.


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