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MyDropCard.comForget your Rolodex. Business card are old hat– they’re hard on trees, not interactive, and get lost easier than socks in the dryer.


Get DropCard instead. DropCard is a novel site that wants to you to get rid of your business cards. For good. It’s a clever concept. So how does it work? Easy. Drop by DropCard’s site, register, enter in some key details about yourself including your social networking info, and then the next time you do a meet and greet, exchange email addresses (save it on your phone), and send that email to DropCard via email or SMS. Then, you are officially good to go. DropCard will automatically send your info to that person, and they in turn, can friend you on your various social networking sites. DropCard enables you to have different profiles for business and pleasure and you can add to other networks as well. DropCard is currently free to use and you can use it on anyone even if they don’t have a DropCard account. In Their Own Words

“Use Dropcard to send contact info from your mobile phone. Your information arrives straight in their email and can be imported right to their address book.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DropCard is a clever tool. It allows for a more efficient way of keeping track of contacts and keeps business card virtual (thereby eliminating the need to waste paper).

Some Questions About

Will this method prove a hit in the business world? Or will business types remain dubious? And is the social networking angle the best way to go?


Author : Bruce Turner

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