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MyDrawings.comFor the artist inside you that is screaming to get out, let him loose on MyDrawings, a site for people who love to doodle. You have to register to participate but it’s free and takes two seconds.


The idea is that the site is a virtual canvas where anyone can make drawings and share them instantly. You create a user profile and you can make friends in the network. Each doodle gets a rating which makes it more visible on the site. Also check out the World Canvas, a myriad collection of drawings from the site users, made into a patchwork blanket kind of thing. It’s a fun site that you and your artist friends could use to show each other ideas for projects. In Their Own Words

“Think of as ‘collective graffiti’, or ‘social doodling’. Think of it as a great way to express yourself! Also, think of it as FREE! Online Drawing has never been this fun!

MyDrawings provides you with a huge and never ending virtual canvas to draw on. Its also a great way to browse other drawings! Simply scroll around the canvas to the left and find a place you’d like to draw. Then just right click and choose edit to begin your drawing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Artists can use MyDrawings to get feedback on their ideas for potential works of art. Or if you are just looking for a fun way to waste time, MyDrawings certainly fits the picture.

Some Questions About

The site seems to need one more element to make it a really complete site. Right now there aren’t that many ways to be active. Maybe they could have an “interesting links” section or a forum to discuss doodling. Or people could contribute digital images of “found art,” like paper napkins with doodles found in a restaurant somewhere.

Author : Bruce Turner

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