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MyDogSpace.comMyDogSpace is a social networking community for your best friend, that hasn’t exactly the motor skills to make one for himself. Do you constantly worry about your dog being anti-social? Is he or she lonely and looking for a mate? MyDogSpace is a great alternative to therapy or seemingly endless flirtation in the Central Park dog arenas.


Upload a photo of your pet and send out “barks” to other members, create dog blog entries and make friends. You can also upload pictures of rescue dogs or indicate that a particular pup is looking to mate. In Their Own Words

We created this site for all dogs and dog lovers. A new place for a dog community! There are many social communities for people – so we thought it was about time that us dogs have our own place on the internet too. A place to let the world know that Dogs Rule!

Why It Might Be A Killer

This seems like a really great place for a country totally obsessed with Dogs. As well, this could be a great place for rescue dogs to find a home and for people who are mutually looking to breed their dogs. Otherwise, it could just be a fun place to create a place to showcase your best friend.

Some Questions About

Will any other websites be launched for people with different types of pets? MyCatSpace, MyGerbilPlace? Will they be able to compete with other puppy networking websites, such as Dogster, VivaPets and United Pets?

Author : Irene Davids

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