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MyDjSpace.comA new platform for the promotion and consumption of electronic music, MyDjSpace is all the more remarkable because there are no other sites that play out the promotional role it plays to this very same extent. On this site, DJs can make their mixes and remixes widely available, and people can listen to these by using a slick online player.


All the newest music is highlighted on the homepage, and so are featured artists. Plus, more than 15 different charts are available – “Disco”, “Trance”, “Techno”, “Dubstep”, “Mash Up”, “Minimal”… the point is that if it’s a popular genre, it’s there.

Membership to MyDjSpace is free to begin with, but these DJs that want bigger storage and the chance to let people download their music in a larger scale can always go for a paid account. These also come with a better set of analytics, which make for understanding what the public wants even faster. In any case, all MyDjSpace profile pages are fully customizable. Users can add tab titles, widgets and formatted text in a fell swoop. In Their Own Words

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