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Therefore, in case you are looking for video hosting and web streaming, including IPTV content distribution services, you have to enter this site. allows you to register on this site and upload media files for web streaming, so you can make your own website or increase your web business benefits. In Their Own Words

¨Mydeo is a safe and simple way to store and stream the videos you value. Our promise: Your videos belong to you. We don’t claim any rights to them and we won’t show them on our site.¨

Why It Might Be A Killer is a website that makes the user feel safe, not as if they are exposing themselves to the public. The strong ‘trusted’ brand they have built is reflected in fast and friendly customer service.

Mydeo has found a niche market of prosumers and small businesses who would not want to use the social networks to host their content, but who may not want to spend a fortune buying hosting directly from the Content Delivery Networks themselves.

Another key differentiator is the quality. While YouTube and its clones compress and watermark, Mydeo streams your video at whatever resolution you choose to upload. Also, unlike the social networks, you don’t grant any distribution rights on upload – which will be important to prosumers and small businesses.

Their partnership with Microsoft holds the key to their success – integration into Windows MovieMaker globally is quite impressive.

Some Questions About

This is a superb family-safe website, how can they target younger users who are more tech savvy? How is the content regulated, if at all?