– SEO and E-Marketing Experts deals in SEO and e-marketing solutions.

They provide the tools and expertise needed on an individual basis, so that each customer gets a customized marketing campaign. They offer in-depth keyword analysis, social media profiles and monthly reports. A basic SEO package runs at about $150 a month. The Plus plan costs $399 a month. MyClicks also offers optimized web design services with metatags, RSS feeds, content and structure analysis and more. The Silver Web design plan costs $29/month. Add-ons are available as well. Users can opt for the personal publishing platform with customization, WYSIWYG editors and social media integration for a one time fee of $249. Additionally, users can add RSS feeds for $149. In Their Own Words

“At, we realize that brilliant product or service ideas are not enough to guarantee business success, and that online performance has peculiarities that need to be tackled in order to gain a prominent position on the web. offers expert SEO and e-marketing solutions to ensure excellent online performance for your web-based business. We offer specialized solutions individually developed for each website depending on the customer’s needs and requirements. Our experienced team of

SEO experts will make sure you get the best e-marketing campaign, effectively tied together with methods such as SEO, content writing, email marketing, paid inclusions, press release submissions, RSS distribution, blogging.

We can help you develop and elaborate your brilliant business idea, and be your professional partner in seeing it come true.”

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The Myclicks team offer a wide range of services that will effectively up your website’s market worth. They know what they’re doing. They provide a truly useful service—creating efficient and valuable web based businesses.

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How does MyClicks compare to other SEO experts? Given the number of free tools available on the web, is Myclicks worth the money?