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MyCleenr.comIt is not that difficult to cross the line that separates you from being a Twitterer with a more or less ordered contact list to one who ends up following people who are not worth giving the time of the day. This phenomenon characterizes a number of recent services – the ones with a social bent – and it is something that was to be expected.


It is basic human nature. Just in the same way that you become acquainted with people that on first looks might become potential friends, you end up meeting others through the web that turn out not to be what you originally expected.

As regards Twitter, it is not instantly obvious whether someone is worth following or not. There are some tools for measuring popularity that try to redress the situation, and there is a (so far) insoluble question as regards the quality of the tweets themselves – this can’t be exactly gauged beforehand. As a result, you are more than likely to end up with a bulging contact list.

One of the immediate ways to clean it up is to start deleting those who you started following, and who turned out not to even tweet at all. That is exactly what this solution does – you furnish your Twitter credentials, and then an overview of your account is produced, showcasing inactive Twitterers by listing the time they last tweeted. As a result, it can be said that if you are a bit at sea as regards how to order your contact list, this new solution might just be what you need. In Their Own Words

“MyCleenr is a unique way to sort your friends by their last tweets. It allows you to get rid off all the inactive and useless accounts that you are following!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

All the many Twitter users everywhere will find such a solution appealing, if only because it makes for a more ordered tweeting experience.

Some Questions About

Do you have to furnish any other information besides your Twitter credentials?

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