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Uncategorized is a service industry networking site allowing people topost profiles for free, offering products they sell or a service theyperform.

We feel the service industry is often ignored and people resortto advertising on social networking sites, which is not the mostprofessional medium, and often obscures that line between business andpersonal. On people can in a respectable way, have aprofile, tell about what they do, recommend others on the site and postphotos, coupons, and videos. Think of it as an Internet billboard and anelectronic business card. This site is for all of the Hairstylists, NailTechs, Realtors, Doctors, Mortgage Brokers, etc. anyone that is in salesor offers a service. The site is free to post a profile and is brokendown by major cities, with more to come soon. In Their Own Words

“ was started out of the need for everyday people to advertise themselves in a personable and professional manner, and for others to find the right person for everyday needs. To help, we’ve built the premier Web service for bringing people together…Face to Face!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This fresh idea has never been done before. This is not another business networking site, they are the must “have a profile” self advertising site on the Internet today. The service industry must be the most forgotten business segment on the Internet, probably because everyone thinks the Yellow Pages has it locked in. Have you looked at the Yellow Pages on the internet lately, there is not even any pictures, you’re just looking at lists of companies. There is nothing personable about that. At you can search by business category or name and pull up a complete profile, with photos and other features, advertising the products or services of that person.

Some Questions About

How will the site advertise itself? Will this site emerge as real authority in this kind of sites?