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MyBrandz.comMyBrandz is a new online destination aiming to provide the public at large with a spot for supporting and discussing their favorite brands. That is, it intends to stand as an independent resource, and one which is entirely driven by users.

People can join in for free and they can talk about these things that they like best about any of their favorite brands, as well as passing news along when it comes to future releases that they have caught wind of.

The site is an extensive one in terms of featured brands, and there are 10 different categories for you to browse through. These include “Fashion”, “Health & Personal Care”, “Games & Toys”, “Cars & Automotive” and “Media” to name just a handful.

As you can imagine, the most popular brands can be visualized at a mere glance, and the list is not really that surprising. Top brands when I checked it out included Apple, McDonalds, Statbucks, BMW, Disney… you get the drift.

When all is said and done, those who deem themselves as true consumerists will no doubt enjoy the site. The rest will probably stick to adding the relevant page on Facebook and be happy enough with that. In Their Own Words

“MyBrandz lets you discover cool brands, share info about any brand and show off the things you own.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are people who are incredible supportive about these brands they use. This site lets them make that predilection stand out clear enough for all to see.

Some Questions About

What will make casual users give it a try and keep coming back to it?