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MyBigAmbitions.comThere is nothing wrong with having big aspirations. If someone tells you otherwise, it is because the person has to a large extent failed in life, and can’t stand others dreaming about achieving all these things that he couldn’t achieve himself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having big dreams and ambitions. The only thing you have to learn to do is to place everything in a context that makes these lofty goals manageable. And if you reckon as much but just don’t know where to begin, then consider paying this website a visit.

Named My Big Ambition, it will let you set create a list with all these things that you want to achieve in life. The idea is to share such a list with all the other people who use the site, and get both their advice and their words of support. Not to mention that when one writes such things down he tends to visualize everything much better, and gain a lot of focus.

Granted, that is not making your dreams come instantly true, but it is more than a good step in the right direction. Which is what most people often need to begin moving, after all – a sense of where to head to. In Their Own Words

Welcome to, a website that allows you to maintain a public list of all of your big ambitions in life. By stating your ambitions publically and sharing them with your friends and family, you can gain focus and motivation for completing them. Signing up is free and easy so please do so now if you have not already, and enjoy sharing your ambitions!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast and fun way to share your innermost dreams and objectives with supportive people.

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